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Undergraduate Student FAQs

Learning Coaching FAQs for Undergraduate Students (University or College)

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What are the most common problems undergraduate students face with their learning?

The most common problems we see with our students are motivation and time management. We use these two areas as a starting point to help narrow down the challenges even further, so you understand what is going on and how you can use strategies to overcome these challenges. This could include emotions, behaviour, cognition, mental health and well-being, etc. One of the differences in working with a learning coach is you will learn a framework of metacognitive thinking about academic work that you can then apply to any content area and context.

I am registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (i.e., the centre on campus that provides services for students with disabilities) at my university. Is there funding available to help me pay for a learning coach?

Post-secondary students who have a disability and are registered with their university may have access to government funding to pay for learning coaching sessions (i.e., academic strategy sessions). Contact your advisor at your institution for more information as we cannot help you with this application.

How often should I see a learning coach?

The majority of the undergraduate students we work with meet with us weekly over a semester (e.g., ten weeks).  The reason behind this is because there are different challenges during a semester, from reading to notetaking to preparing for exams, and our students have found it helpful to have a regular weekly session to help navigate these challenges. This can be something you discuss with your learning coach in your first session or in the free consultation.

Is working with a learning coach only for students who are getting low grades?

The students we work with tell us they get grades from Fs to As, however just because you are getting As doesn't mean you wouldn't benefit from working with a learning coach. Sometimes students who are getting top marks are at risk for burning out if they are spending excessive amounts of time reviewing their materials or experiencing anxiety or stress due to their academics. Conversely, students who are getting low grades may be using some effective strategies, just not enough of them or not with enough consistency! We work with students of all academic levels enact effective strategies that are customized to your specific situation so you can be an engaged learner.