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Parent/High School FAQs

Learning Coach FAQs for High School Students and Parents

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Will I be able to attend my high school student's learning coach sessions?

During the free 20 minute consultation, our learning coaches are happy to meet with both the student and the parents to determine how our services would be of benefit. However, the learning coach sessions will be for the learning coach and the student(s). This is because we base our learning coaching on self-regulated learning principles, which emphasize student autonomy and active participation in learning.

Why should I consider a learning coach for my high school student?

The transition from high school to university/college includes many challenges, including learning challenges as students move from the structured environment of high school to the more flexible environment of university/college. High school students who learn how to self-regulate their learning in high school can easily transfer these skills and strategies between the two contexts. We work with students to make their learning explicit, from understanding tasks, to setting goals and selecting strategies, and making changes as needed. This framework can then be applied to any level of education, and any challenge that may arise.

Can the learning coach work with my high school student's teachers/school?

This can be discussed with the parent(s), student, and learning coach. Any consulting with the school would be charged at the same hourly rate as the learning coach sessions.