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Learning Coaching FAQs

Learning Coaching Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

If you have a question that is not listed below or in the FAQs for Parents/High School Students, Undergraduate Students, or Graduate Students, please email us at

What should I do to prepare for my learning coach session(s)?

  • Spend some time thinking about what you want out of your session. Every session will start by setting a goal with your learning coach to direct what you will talk about.

Is learning coaching the right service for me?

If you answer YES to the following questions, you are likely in the right place!

  • Do I want to improve my learning?
  • Am I willing to put time and effort into achieving my goals?

  • Am I open to trying new approaches to studying and learning?

  • Am I looking for someone who will guide me by asking questions and offering suggestions rather than telling me what to do?

  • Am I comfortable with the idea that change and development take time, experimentation, and learning from past experiences (good and bad)? 

What should I expect to happen during a learning coach session?

Each session with a learning coach will look similar, as each session format is based on engaging students with self-regulated learning strategies and processes:

  • Check in
  • Set goal for the session
  • Work toward goal 
  • Evaluate progress so far
  • Continue work toward goal or other goal 
  • Wrap-up session/final questions

How is a learning coach different than a tutor?




















 What does a learning coach session look like for two or three students?

We offer group sessions to not only reduce the cost per student, but to also capitalize on the benefits of learning with peers who are going through a similar experience. Please note: You will need to organize your own group of students to work with a learning coach. The session will still have the same format as with one student, and each student in the group will be able to work through one or two main problems they are having. Students in the group don’t have to be in the same courses. Most students have similar problems (e.g., motivation to study, time management, studying for tests), and attending a learning coach session with one or two other students can be a good way to build a supportive group during a semester.

How often should I see a learning coach?

Most of the students we have worked with in the past meet with us weekly over a semester (e.g., ten weeks). Some students will need more and some students will need fewer sessions. This can be something you discuss with your learning coach in your first session or in the free consultation.

How are you different from the free services available at my university/college/high school?

One of the reasons we started offering learning coaching is we saw that the services available for students were often not based on educational psychology principles and research. We use knowledge from our own doctoral research and years teaching students how to learn more effectively by using self-regulated learning processes and strategies to provide customized learning coaching for all students.

What is self-regulated learning and why did you choose that as your foundation for learning coaching?

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is a widely-studied learning theory in educational psychology for students of all ages. Lizz and Sarah met during graduate school at the University of Victoria when they were both studying SRL and working in Dr. Allyson Hadwin's research lab. We’ve chosen it as the foundation for learning coaching because SRL helps students be aware of and take control of their behaviour, feelings, thoughts, motivation, and well-being during learning through metacognition. Metacognition is the quality of your thoughts about your thinking and is one of the key aspects of SRL. In other words, when you are studying and learning, being able to understand what you are doing, plan what to do, choose effective strategies, and adapt as needed is all guided by checking in as you go along and making sure you are on track.

 What are the Learning Coach Cancellation and Payment Policies?

  • Making appointments: Appointments can be booked by using the Square Appointments scheduler for your learning coach. You will require a credit card to book an appointment, but you will not be charged at the time of booking.

  • Payment: Session payment is due before the learning coaching session can start. This can be done by (a) sending an Interac e-transfer to your learning coach’s email before the scheduled start time, or (b) letting your learning coach know at the beginning of the session to charge the credit card you used to book the appointment in Square Appointments. Please note to pay by credit card, you need to store your credit card for future purchases when booking your first appointment in Square. To do this, check the first box after entering your credit card information when reserving an appointment. If you do not authorize us to store your credit card in Square, it will take about five minutes at the beginning of your first session to process your payment.

  • Cancelling a One-on-One Session: If you need to cancel an appointment, there is no charge if you cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment start time. If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment or miss your appointment, your credit card will be charged a cancellation fee on Square Appointments. Cancellation fees are $80 for regular sessions (50 or 75 minutes) and $40 for follow-up sessions (25 minutes). We understand sometimes emergencies happen, so please contact your learning coach by email in case of emergency.

  • Late Policy: If you are late to your session, the session will still end at the scheduled end time, and you will be charged the full session price. In some cases, time can be made up at the end if your learning coach does not have another appointment. If the learning coach is late or cancels your scheduled session, they will communicate with you by email as soon as possible in order to make up the missed time or to reschedule if needed.

  • Group Session Policies: Group members are responsible for communicating with one another about making, changing, or cancelling appointments. If a group appointment is cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment start time, there is no charge. If any member of the group cancels within 24 hours of the appointment or misses the appointment, that group member's credit card will be charged a cancellation fee on Square Appointments. Cancellation fees are $50 per student for a 2-student session and $40 per student for a 3-student session. In order to make the most of the session, latecomers to the group sessions will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.